It’s show time….the IGFA is knocking at the door.

Seems like yesterday that I was letting the fact that Team KingFisher qualified for the IGFA Offshore Championship sink in after a truly memorable season of fishing.

As the months went by we soaked up as much info as possible with a pre-fish trip down to Cabo and from talking to countless guys with insight on how we could be competitive (thanks Tower Todd, Tracker, Joe with Hogg’s Jo/Mar, Ryan with Redrum charters, John with Eat Me Lures,  and all the guys at the Fred Hall show).

After collaborating with the team, Dirty E and the guys up North with Team Kora, we devised a plan and went to rigging. The challenge; wrestle a 150lb billed beast to the boat with 30lb main line (Momoi tournament high vis yellow to be exact). What, did you say 30lb…..I fish that for river salmon!  We also cannot have any spectra backing on the reel or spectra loop on the end of the main line, which changed my gearing mindset from the OTC.

Well, at least we can use whatever leader we choose but it must be 30’ or less. All would be fine, but the striped marlin get a bit leader shy, which are the primary game fish in the tournament. That fact alone cost us hundreds of dollars of fluorocarbon leader in various sizes.

So in keeping with our style of fishing up here in the Northwest, I went to tying 30’ flouro leaders with a spectra loop, for a wind-on connection to a double leader (mono loop on the main line) to eliminate swivels that would be going through the guides 40’ back from the lure. This required learning a new knot, the Australian Braid to tie a 10’ loop on the main line.

After hours at the rigging bench, we have a quiver of 30’ leaders from 60lb to l00lb for live bait, and 30’ rigged lures ranging from 5” to 12”, plus a couple secret weapons from Kelela Lures in Hawaii (thanks Chad and Joe).

Our rod tubes are stuffed with finely tuned Lamiglas battle sticks. Our Avet reels are loaded up with high vis 30lb and our gear bags are stuffed with terminal tackle that we could not have put together without the help and expertise from Hogg’s Jo/Mar Hardcore Tackle who helped spool and set up both Team KingFisher and Team Kora.

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Hopefully we have what we need to make a good showing representing all of us here in the Northwest. We are ready to give it a go and hopefully have a great time doing it. With over 60 different countries fishing, we look forward meeting some great fishermen. Stay tune for daily updates at

So, any last minute advice?

Mike ‘DOE’ Domeyer

Capt. of Team KingFisher