2012 Year-end Summary of Team KingFisher

Year-end Summary


Team KingFisher


2012 tournament season


Team KingFisher officially puts our 7th season in the books with an unprecedented amount of fishing that began in Baja Mexico and stretched up the west coast to Westport, Washington with stops in at Garibaldi, OR and Ilwaco, WA.

As the dust settles from the 2012 season, I look back on the good fortune that it brought: A 17th in the world finish and a 3rd place finish in the dorado side pot at the IGFA offshore championships in Cabo San Lucas with many lifetime memories and experiences to go along with it, a 3rd place podium finish in the Garibaldi OTC, a 4th place finish overall for the year in the Oregon Tuna Classic series and at top ten finish for all of our Pacific Northwest tourneys. In total, Team KingFisher completed 9 days of tournament competition injury free (minus a couple chipped teeth), mechanically sound and with smiles for most of the time….(Sorry Brook, I was a little spun up with that stripe crashing the teaser…..).…what’s that tag line…’Fish the good times’…? It was resonating this year.

International Game Fish Association’s Offshore World Championship, Cabo San Lucas

May 14th thru 18th

This invitational only tournament represented 48 teams from around the world, 21 different countries in all, chosen from the winners of over a hundred qualifying tournament events. To create a level playing field each team randomly drew a different boat for each of the 4 days of competition. Each boat came with a captain and mate and 24 dead ballyhoo baits. The rest was up to your discretion, how you ran all of your own gear, where you ran it and what tactics were utilized to stand you apart from some of the worlds greatest fishing teams…Over the 4 days of competition Team KingFisher brought 13 striped marlin to the boat and successfully released them, and one beautiful dorado that was the 3rd place finishing dorado for the tournament. We left with our heads high in 17th place overall, knowing we held our own against some incredible fishermen and showed that we OTC folks are contenders on the world stage….I guarantee the we continue the trend next year in Costa Rica with this years season champs…”tight lines Team Bad to the Bone….”.http://www.tre-fin.com/uncategorized/2012-igfa-offshore-world-championship/ – more-%27

Ilwaco Oregon Tuna Classic, Ilwaco, Washington

July 27th-29th

Our home port would be our first tournament stop in the Northwest. The new format sent 45 teams out two days straight to compete with the traditional banquet on the third day….(way to go Snoozy, made it without sleeping threw the banquet). Being familiar with the waters, we set out south and found our spot to be plentiful but with very average fish. In total we put 30 albacore on the boat but could not find good grade. Next day proved to be an epic day on the water with a buddy boat plugging by 9:30 and then elected to make it a party and go swimming with the blues for a couple hours since there was no more room on his boat for fish…We stayed out of the crowd that swarmed that hole and ended up getting 25 fish of our own and enjoyed the truly stellar day on the ocean.  Greasy waters and short and T-shirt weather, are we back in Cabo? All in all we ended up weighing in 12th on Friday and 9th on Saturday,  for a 9th place overall. What a great event…http://www.oregontunaclassic.org/blog/?p=342

Washington Tuna Classic, Westport, Washington

August 2-3rd

On a prefish run up from Ilwaco we found some water that fished and set out the next day to find it again. The north wind stirred up the water, but after some searching we were on the fish again. A couple here and there and then we got our bait to do its work. After a couple bait stops our numbers were up but still no stand out weight. The two hour ride home brought out a mixed swell and wind chop limiting our progress. At the dock we dropped our 5 heaviest and donated another 29 fish for a combined 34 fish to our names. Unfortunately not top grade but we finished 10th place out of 48 teams…..http://washingtontunaclassic.com/prior-years-results/2012-wtc-results

Garibaldi Oregon Tuna Classic, Garibaldi, Or

August 24th-26th

The finally…our last chance to make the podium and bring bragging rights back to there rightful place, at the CR and our home port of Ilwaco. I chose to run down to scout water on Thursday and fish out of Garibaldi both days. On Friday the north wind made a showing and we opted for a more westerly course in the morning hoping to get a better ride and more fishing time. With that extra time we still struggled to find fish and ended up with 8 fish total for our hard work. It was clear Saturday would require putting all our chips in and face the northwest swell with a strong northerly blowing. With combined seas approaching 10’ progress north was as slow as 12 knots and our waters required a 47 mile run. 4 hours after the shotgun start we put our first line in the water on a strong color break to be rewarded shortly there after.  Luckily the live bait went to work right away and the rest of the short fishing day never slowed down. Some fellow CR boats fished along with us taking advantage of the good fishing and it wasn’t long before a couple nice grade fish came over the rails. Seemed in a short time we were looking at our watches knowing that our time was limited due to the long run home, possibly in big water. We left 3 hours early to make weigh in and found the downhill run much nicer than expected, making it home in just over 2 hours. At the banquet the next day we were rewarded for our effort with a 3rd place podium finish for Saturday and a 4th place overall of the 53 teams entered….http://www.oregontunaclassic.org/blog/?p=345

Enough can not be said about the great opportunities to fish albacore and participate in some great events here in the northwest. We had the time of our lives in Cabo but there is something special about the Northwest. The group of volunteers that put our events together and the charity that they benefit, the fishermen that fish them, the friends and family that participate in them and the sponsors that support them are involved for all the right reasons and with the addition of mandatory lie detector test, the integrity of the events can be assured; a welcomed addition.

The team ends the year truly appreciative of all the opportunities and experiences we logged in 2012 and extends our gratitude to our sponsors for their faith in us, our friends and families for their support and all the cool cats we had the pleasure of fishing with this year……We continue to learn, improve and refine our skills and most importantly do it with a big grin on our face, heads shaking after realizing how fortunate we are. We greatly look forward to 2013 and all that it will bring.


Mike Domeyer

Team KingFisher