SPORT JACKPOLE ……………a rod for sport anglers to bait fish surface feeding fish

A uniquely designed jackpole for sport boats used as a rod to bait fish surface feeding tuna with a hard-tied 8’ leader, usually rigged with 130-150 lb fluorocarbon to a 3/0 gorilla hook. It is an 8’2”, 100% fiberglass rod traditionally deck-wrapped with alternating sized paracord starting at a rubber fighting butt, finishing with a 3-strand Turk’s Head knot……The blank is custom designed by Tre-Fin and built by Patriot Composites in Woodland, WA……It is an exciting way to harness the incredible power of tuna and a weapon no tuna boat should leave the dock without.


Our rods/jackpoles can be found at our retailers: Englund Marine (including online+shipping), Bob’s Sporting Goods, and Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor. You can also email or just stop by and pick one up during the summer at Tre-Fin Tackle inside the Ilwaco Tuna Club.

Here is some video of early R&D.