Tre-Fin Rods…….Innovation brought by necessity

These proven designs evolved from Tre-Fin’s necessity to find a rod able to hold up to the rigors of day boat commercial fishing while keeping the fun in it. After thousands of fish and years of development, we now offer what we think are the best offshore rods and they are made here in the USA. All designs have been battle proven on one of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful tournament fishing teams (Team Tre-Fin) and served as the backbone of Tre-Fin’s day boat commercial fishing operation.

Tre-Fin Rods are:

* USA built rods purposefully designed for offshore fishing


* Light-in-hand feel balanced with power to lift after hook up


* Custom designed blanks combined with high quality ALPS components


* Built by the best in the business…Seeker Fishing Rods and Patriot Composites.


Our rods/jackpoles can be found at our retailers: Englund Marine (including online+shipping), Bob’s Sporting Goods, and Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor or just stop by during the summer at Tre-Fin’s Tackle Store inside the Ilwaco Tuna Club.


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