The Tre-Fin Team

Team Tre-Fin is a seasoned group of tournament sport fishermen dedicated to preserving the camaraderie and spirit of Northwest fishing. We have completed 10 consecutive seasons competing in tournaments and in that time established ourselves as one of the most successful teams to participate. As we grow we have been able to help support the Ilwaco Tuna Club, establish a commercial Day Boat fishing operation, and have helped innovative products that are better suited for our fishery. We have a well-known presence through our reputation, our unique boat, the F/V OpporTunaty, and are made up of two of the Founding Fathers of the Ilwaco Tuna Club.

Michael Domeyer, Captain/Co-Owner

Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. His love of fishing has evolved from fly fishing mountain lakes in Northern California to salmon/steelhead fishing here in the Pacific Northwest which served as the gateway for the addiction he now has for the salt. Beginning with a tournament fishing team he soon found his way to the inception of a unique commercial fishing operation. When he has to go to work it’s in a MD11 as an international widebody pilot for FedEx Express.

Eryn Domeyer

Eryn is Mike’s wife and partner in fishing crime. When Eryn is not wrangling tuna, she is wrangling their two children, Nate and Braedyn. Eryn has years of tournament fishing experience from albacore to striped marlin and brings her knowledge to the books of the operation.

Aaron Walker, Captain/Co-owner

Aaron joined Mike in 2014 on this audacious adventure that the two of them took on. It since has culminated into a successful commercial fishing operation, thriving Ilwaco Tuna Club and the continued success of Team Tre-Fin.  If not chasing albacore Aaron will be found in the backcountry, the uplands, the Dakotas, the tropics….where ever there is wildlife…living a full life of the chase. When not in the outdoors he owns/runs All American Fire Protection.

Christal Walker

Christal is Aaron’s wife and the glue holding a very busy operation together. While others are offshore Christal is often the smiling face to meet our customers while keeping the spirit of Tre-Fin from being changed. She keeps the fun in it and shares the responsibility of the operations’ books with Eryn.

Barrett Ames, Captain/Co-Owner

Barrett came to Tre-Fin with a curiosity for West Coast salt and never left. Being a captain and experienced East coast tournament fisherman, he headed West fishing everything in between. Never has there been one with more passion for the sport. He quickly excelled in the fishery, became a captain of the F/V Opportunaty, and joined Mike and Aaron with a vision, and continues to be pivotal in its inception. On the off-season he is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier fly fishing guides for steelhead at Fish the Swing.

‘Craiger’ Brewer, First Mate

Craiger has been with Tre-Fin from the beginning of the day boat operation and brings an unstoppable energy and zeal for albacore chasing. Dubbed the ‘Iceman’, he can be credited with moving hundreds of thousands of pounds of ice in his career on the F/V Opportunaty and has enabled the boat to fish the way that it does with the quality of fish it brings to the docks. The operation would not be the same without his tireless sense of humor and fishing skills.

Ruben Contreras, First Mate

Ruben is our most recent team member who brings a wealth of fishing knowledge to our operation and matches it with a willingness to stack fish. He alternates rigging, preparing and maintaining his office,the F/V Opportunaty, making sure it leaves the dock, finds a bunch of fish and gets them back in good shape. And is ready to do it again the next day. He’s a hard worker at a hard charging company.