The second tournament of the 2011 season has concluded in fine fashion for Team KingFisher. With Ilwaco being our home port, we were excited for the chance to fish familiar grounds. We had the great privilege to be able to prefish with John Posey of Lamiglas and Todd Harris of KingFisher to get a first hand look at our boat in action. Thanks to both for coming along and helping us earn IGFA point by finishing 4th in ‘Big Fish Friday’.

After getting a feel for the conditions on Friday we followed suit with a similar game plan for Saturday. 53 out of 63 registered teams lined up for the flare shot just before sunrise and we were off to slug through a wind blown 2 hour run. After throwing gearing in our same haunt from the day before the team went to work.


After being teased on Friday with a forecast of a 3’ swell and low winds, the forecast deteriorated overnight. The wind was blowing 12 to 13 knots with gusts, creating 3-4’ wind waves on top of the 4 foot swell, resulting in times of running down in the lower teens on the way out. The good news was that it soon laid down and we were able to make good time on the way home.


In the morning we settled for a seven rod set mostly made up of clones for a surface presentation. After a couple single hook-ups we tightened up the set looking for multiple hook ups. Fishing the slide was not producing, and we struggled to get any live bait going. After a lull in the late morning and having only 2 hours of fishing left, we pulled gear and ran south to join up with friends who shared intel (thanks Rick). We dropped early and headed for the temp break when one rod went down and we started throwing live bait over. This time they were hungry and the live bait stop began. Nice grade fish were coming over the rail and we fished it as late as we dare.


Without knowing exact weights or what the other 39 teams did that weighed fish, we anticipated making a good run for the podium. After an exciting live weigh in our suspicions proved correct with a good showing, and we ending up 2nd place overall. Our weigh in of 127.8 missed another 1st place finish by .65 lbs.

A total of 550 fishermen participated with another 100 spectators purchasing dinner tickets for the live weigh-in and banquet. A total of 266 fish, or 5300 lbs of fresh tuna went to the local food banks.

With the points earned on ‘Big Fish Friday’ and the 2nd place finish, Team KingFisher now sits 5th overall in the 2011 IGFA total points standing (here is the link to the final results: www.goodsitesolutions.com/otc/ilwacoweighin.cfm) All-in-all it was a great weekend for Team KingFisher and great opportunity to participate in a great event. Now we are off to the south land to try our luck in Charleston on the 19th and 20th.

Mike Domeyer

Team KingFisher