About Us

TreFin’s Origin

Tre-Fin began as an idea culminated between friends passionate about offshore fishing in the Pacific Northwest. We were all seeking ways to improve our safety, effectiveness and the affordability of our fishery. What followed was the growth of a tournament fishing team, the beginning of Ilwaco Tuna Club and the creation of a successful commercial fishing operation introducing Day Boat Tuna to our market (Tre-Fin Foods).

With most of us coming from a background of inshore salmon/steelhead fishing, running 50 miles offshore required managing a different level of safety and knowledge. What was recognized from these experiences was that our fishery was unique and required a different skill set. By packaging our knowledge and experience we have created a toolbox to be drawn from, to improve safety and success offshore and increase the visibility of the tools required.

Today, from these concepts, Tre-Fin has been built into a source of the freshest and highest quality albacore offered to the public from their boat F/V Opportunaty and a co-op of other day boats. All fish are handled and processed in house enabling the consumer to know exactly how their fish made it to their plate. Tre-Fin also developed a series of US built offshore rods and Sport Jackpole to help fishermen be well equipped to tackle the rigors of the Pacific. Stop by and say hello at our waterfront operation in Ilwaco, WA……it’s the only building on the waterfront with a big marlin chasing a tuna mounted streetside and home of the Ilwaco Tuna Club. All of our products will be available for purchase there during the fishing season (July thru October).